the Arch Guitars

Hey, I’m Oz, the guy behind the Arch Guitar Shop here in Bangkok, Thailand. Back in the day, I was all about woodworking, crafting tables and chairs, but I also had a soft spot for playing the guitar. I took that passion to BSRU Bansomdej University, where I majored in jazz guitar.

After I graduated, I stumbled upon the world of acoustic guitar building. I started with four of them, and then I thought, “Why not give archtop guitars a try?” So, I cracked open Benedetto’s book on Making Arch Top Guitars and got to work.

My first arch-top guitar? Well, it took me a solid seven months to build, and I was mostly using hand tools 90%. But hey, I learned a lot from it. I kept at it, building and improving, and after experimenting with over 30 different models, I eventually came up with my own design, the Arch Model (TA).

Fast forward to 2023, and I’ve handcrafted more than 70 archtop guitars, each one custom-made in a shop separate from my workshop. No CNC machines, and I’m a one-person show, handling every step of the process.

I’ve also expanded into archtop bass guitars, and when it comes to wood, I use legit stuff like Spruce from Switzerland, Ebony from India, and Mahogany from Honduras. I also incorporate some local wood to give my archtops that unique sound that musicians love.

Archtop guitar and bass custom made by the Arch